Black Hawk Water User District Ground Reservoir

The Black Hawk Water Users District served 611 users, with the proposed Pine Valley Subdivision scheduled to add an additional 300 users. A water system analysis and facility plan was completed by FourFront Design, Inc. (as the Alliance of Architects and Engineers, Inc.) to provide the district with the engineering recommendations needed to construct expanded service.​

Based on the water system models developed for both the existing Black Hawk water system and the proposed Pine Valley Subdivision, design recommendations were provided. Although the existing water system was found to provide adequate flows to meet peak daily demand, numerous areas throughout Black Hawk were found to be served by undersized lines that do not provide adequate flow or fire protection. A new well to backup the existing well and provide additional water supply was recommended.​

The existing water supply system was found to be inadequate to meet the needs of the proposed Pine Valley Subdivision. Recommendations to expand the system included an additional reservoir, expanding the storage capacities of existing reservoirs, and constructing additional six and eight inch lines.​

In 2003, an additional water system model was completed to provide recommendations to expand service to the Summerset and Summerset USA Subdivisions. The study included an extended period simulation of the existing and proposed water system phases, fire flow analysis, and recommendations on size and location of a water storage reservoir.