Niche Sanitary District Water Main Improvements

The Niche Sanitary District, a 20 home subdivision, located near Summerset, South Dakota, utilized our team to secure funding through the State of South Dakota and prepare construction documents to replace an undersized water system that was constructed in the 1970s.

The existing water mains were 1-1/2” diameter and considerably undersized and constructed of poor quality materials. Many of the mains were located beneath the mobile homes, making access difficult for repairs. The storage tank was cracked and leaking. During periods of high usage, the pump in the tank runs continuously. There was no tracer wire on any of the line and problems in the system were difficult to isolate because the line is hard to locate.

The design included a connection to the Black Hawk Water User District System with approximately 3100 lf of water main and included turning the water system over to BHWUD to eliminate the need for system maintenance. The project required coordination with the BHWUD for the connection and compliance with their standards. The crossing of Sturgis Road, which is a very busy arterial roadway, was a construction challenge that was overcome with constant communication with the South Dakota Department of Transportation and City of Summerset. FourFront also assisted the Niche Sanitary District and their attorney with securing construction easements to install new services to the individual houses and new water meters and backflow preventers.