Red Rocks Reservoir

FourFront Design, Inc., along with subconsultant, HDR, was chosen to provide site work, tank structural, mechanical and electrical services, bidding and construction administration for the 3.3 million gallon Red Rock water storage reservoir.

FourFront Design Inc. prepared a pre-design study which included tank site evaluation and selection, evaluation of the various options for tank construction and recommendation of the best alternative. FourFront Design Inc. also assisted with land owner negotiations for the selected reservoir location. The selected tank site is located in a large, undeveloped piece of property near a new housing development in the Red Rock area. Given its proximity to nearby residences, the City and the project team decided that the tank be completely buried and the site irrigated and re-vegetated with native species. Based on recommendations from the pre-design study, the contract documents allowed for both a wire wound and post-tension tank designs. The design included separate inlet and outlet pipes and a valve vault to house the isolation and check valves.

Key features included:
- Separate inlet and outlet pipes
- Internal tank mixing system to prevent stagnant water
- Completely buried tank with sloped fill on roof to match existing grade
- Sophisticated security system