Toyota of the Black Hills New Dealership

The 52,400 square foot building incorporates space for nine departments; New Vehicles, Used Vehicles, Sales, Internet, Fleet, Service, Parts, Accessories and the Finance. To accommodate these departments, the building includes a showroom and sales floor, financing offices connected to a new vehicle delivery space, general accounting and management offices, retail parts and display, service waiting and cashier, parts receiving and storage, auto service reception, express lube, service shop with tech support areas and a car wash.

The sales office walls and furniture are modular systems that allow for future reconfiguration with a minimum impact to ongoing operations and the environment. The area that is designed for the Business Development Center and the Sales Manager Office is planned with a floor level at 100'-6" to increase visibility of the sales floor and lot. These areas were constructed using a raised floor system both to accommodate flexibility in the future and the 6" raised floor level required for the Sales Manager and Business Development Centers. The raised floor system accommodates power and data distribution for these areas.

A second floor area is located over the western portion of the parts storage, tech support, and conference spaces is approximately 6,200 square feet and will accommodate file storage, parts storage, mechanical and electrical spaces. Large windows combined with the physical location of the showroom provide an unobstructed view of the entire exterior parking display from inside. The facility is LEED Silver.