Trinity Eco Prayer Park Wins Sustainability Award

The Trinity Eco Prayer Park Project, located at the corner of 4th and St Joseph Street in downtown Rapid City, SD , has been selected as a recipient for the December, 2015 Rapid City Sustainability Award. This is an award that is presented for projects that contribute to the societal, environmental and economic viability of Rapid City.

The Park was formerly a vacant, downtown eyesore lot. Today, this Park is now a cutting edge, multi-faceted park that will provide civic, environmental and spiritual benefits to those who work and visit downtown Rapid City.
Areas have been planted with native plant species to the region, trees and grass lawn. Rain water is collected from storm water and used for watering plants. The main walk-way lighting throughout the Park consists of individual, stand-alone LED lighting systems powered by solar power collection equipment consisting of photovoltaic (PV) cells and batteries. A public pavilion also has three roof-mounted PV panels with inverters (converting dc to ac power) that are connected to the electric panel where excess energy is fed back into the electric utility grid. The electrical panel provides power to the pavilion’s lights and basic electrical outlets.

Project Project Coordinator-Ken Steinken mentions that the new park offers a trek through native plant species that highlight four regional biomes: The Black Hills, midgrass prairie, shortgrass prairie, and wetlands. Steinken said the idea, in part, is to hopefully spark a flame in others to incorporate native plant species and resource conservation practices in their own landscaping endeavors.

The Sustainability Committee finds this project a wonderful example of economic, social and environmental sustainability for Rapid City.
Accepting the award is Ken Steinken, Park Project Coordinator and Vice President of the Trinity Lutheran Church Endowment Foundation.

The project was designed by FourFront Design, Inc.